Homepage Redesign

I’ve just finished redesigning my landing page. I accidentally destroyed my previous one, and while I could have used a backup, I decided to take the opportunity to refresh the design.

This time around I’ve decided to add a photo, as well as swapping out a nav bar for something a little more unusual – a simple paragraph of text with a few links in it. I reckon this more texty style fits the concept of my personal website; it’s not intended for functional use, but instead as a bit of casual exploration, and it seemed a paragraph of text reflected the show-and-tell nature of the site. Also, it leaves room for regular, easy switching up of what projects are show prominently on my home page, something I’d like to do often as projects progress.

I’ve been spending most spare coding time recently working on flattools, which is intended both as a functional set of tools to be used by people and a way for me to learn about constructing a variety of simple web applications.

Hope to post again soon,